Ordination Update: 11 New Deacons for Biloxi—UPDATED


Doing a routine search, I uncovered the happy news that 11 men were ordained deacons for the Diocese of Biloxi in Mississippi late last month.  The diocesan website has the pictures shown here, but no details. Anybody have any names or info to share?

Meantime, congratulations and welcome, brothers!  Ad multos annos! 

UPDATE: Just got this e-mail from Deacon Ralph Torrelli, Director, Deacons Continuing Education and Homiletics Instructor, Diocese of Biloxi.  He writes:

This is our 2013 class – they started as aspirants in 2009 then 3 years of academics in the Diocese. They were ordained June 23, 2013.

They are: Front row from left: Gerald Norris, Mike Saxer, Karl Koberger, Bishop Roger Morin, Robert Illane, and Gerald Pickich.

Back Row from left: Edwardo Ramos, Norbert Lloyd, David Allen, Milton (Stan) Standridge, Truett Roberts, and Randy Duke.

Our 2016 class has 10 men starting their 3 years of academics this August. They will celebrate Rite of Candidacy at Mass on August 18, 2013.

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