How to take a “high tech” approach to prayer

Bible - Pray - Cross
Doidam 10 | Shutterstock

Let’s treat our prayer life a little more like we treat our digital devices.

All these computers, cell phones, tablets, and watches that constantly need to be updated and are made more attractive and enhanced with new features … not to mention magnificent designer cases, breathtaking screens, and a range of sophisticated accessories. We survived without them for a long time, but today they’re ubiquitous and even indispensable. These tools that would make James Bond green with envy play a big role in our lives because they’re precise, easy to use, and always within reach.

Would that we say prayer the same way in our lives: always available, enticing, perpetually updated, and indispensable!

Pray at all times and in all places

As important as it is to consecrate some time to God on daily basis either at home or at church, it is smart to take advantage of your work or school commute. I call this “a portable prayer” or more simply “a prayer on the road.”

And nothing is easier than reciting a few decades of the Rosary while you’re walking down the street, reading a passage from Gospels or a prayer in Magnificat while you’re riding a train, or reading a spiritual book on the bus. The conditions are far from ideal, but once you get used to them, it’s doable. This is how you sanctify your day. Better an imperfect prayer than no prayer at all.

Recently, a mother was buying a cell phone for her child and a clerk ironically remarked: “Welcome to hell!” Let our “high-tech” prayer, on the contrary, become a paradise for us. 

Brother Thierry-Dominique Humbrech