How to have peace when your prayer goes unanswered

When you beg God for something and don't get it, it's tempting to think God doesn't care, but that's not what's happening.

And the ideal moment for prayer is …

How do we find a moment to pray in the middle of our chaotic lives? 

A prayer to recite after you and your spouse have quarreled

These words will help with reconciliation and a fresh start.

Lourdes reopens partially, but its first e-Pilgrimage offers healing to troubled world

Many cannot travel to the French shrine, known for healing powers, but through modern technology all can participate in special prayers.

Who came up with the phrase “The family that prays together stays together”?

Fr. Patrick Peyton, who came to be known as the Rosary Priest, popularized the slogan.

What is prayer?

Christian prayer is a the raising of your mind and soul to God, speaking with him and placing before him your many desires.

Upset by what’s happening in the world? These 2 prayers can help

In times of trouble, these words prayed from the heart can bring greater calm to your mind and soul.

How to manage morning prayer with your children

Here's a recipe for success when it comes to getting the morning started off right with your kids.

Can distractions during prayer be a blessing in disguise?

Sometimes, unwanted images and thoughts run wild through the minds of even the most pious among us.

Are you God’s moody girlfriend? Selfish boyfriend?

Tell him how you really feel. Listen to what he has to say.

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