When forgiving someone seems impossible

The Lord's Prayer is a reminder that forgiveness is a process that begins with a first step.

Here’s how to jump-start your day with prayer

If you need help on how to begin your day with prayer, here is some practical advice.

Novena to Padre Pio: Day 5

Long live Jesus! Your wounds are my merits!

Why the shortest prayers can often be the best prayers

It only takes a few seconds to pray a prayer of the heart.

Dominican seminarians reach a large audience teaching chant on YouTube

In less than a year they've produced over 100 video lessons, viewed nearly half a million times.

Jennifer Garner’s back-to-school prayer is one all parents will love

The actress shared her prayer on Instagram and it sums up this year's situation with education perfectly!

Do you know which prayer is God’s favorite?

In Christianity, there are a multitude of prayers for addressing God. But which one pleases him the most? 

How to make a quarterly evaluation of your spiritual life

Just as in business, we should take advantage of each new quarter to examine the fruitfulness of our spiritual life.

Tips on how to transition from meditation to your daily duties

After concluding your time of meditation, it is important to try to maintain the peace you experienced in prayer.

This Jesuit saint has the answer to “What does God really want from us?”

St. Claude la Colombiere and his insight into prayer deserve to be better known.

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