Church History

The fish and the cross: how one Christian symbol overtook the other

After Constantine legalized Christianity, followers of the Crucified One were able to more overtly display the instrument of salvation.

The ancient, legendary story of the Chapel of the Nativity of Mary of Fort St. Angelo

The Maltese victory over an Ottoman invading expedition in 1565 providentially happened on the Feast of the Blessed Virgin’s Nativity.

Finding Faith: A very rare and beautiful Limoges enamel crucifix

Pope Innocent III declared in 1215 that there should be at least one piece of Limoges enamel in every church in Europe.

Abelard and St. Bernard: Can we see them as more than enemies?

They were at odds in their approach, but isn't it "more useful" to look at commonalities?

When plague hit Milan in the 16th century, they closed the churches and built outdoor altars

"Plague crosses," offered as symbols of gratitude for God’s help during the pandemic, mark the spots where the outdoor altars once stood.

French Benedictine nuns bring ancient chant to the isolated world

Their website will have thousands of chants before summer, with an app planned for the Fall.

The early Christian martyr who inspired Catholics during the plague

When the plague hit the Italian town of Este in 1630, its citizens prayed St. Thecla for help 

Get to know the Church Fathers: A reading list to deepen your faith

Some of these early Christians actually knew the Apostles.

The Vatican may be closed, but now you can take a free online tour

A faithful, educational way to spend your time in isolation.

When was the last time churches in the U.S. were closed?

It's difficult to find a precedent for the current suspension of public Masses, but St. Louis experienced this in 1918.

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