Church History

The best books about early Christianity, according to experts

Want to expand your knowledge of the early Church, beyond the Acts of the Apostles? Try these works.

10 of the oldest churches in England

These churches have stood for over 1,000 years as a testament to the enduring Christian faith of England.

Long lost sacristy discovered beneath Westminster Abbey

The ground under the celebrated church also thought to contain hundreds, if not thousands, of burials.

After Hagia Sophia, another historic Turkish church becomes a mosque

The Church of the Holy Savior in Chora contains precious Byzantine mosaics and frescoes.

Some of the best books on the history of the Church, according to historians

If you're troubled by current events, history can give you a reassuring perspective. Here's where you can start.

The hidden beauty of the “painted” churches of Cyprus

Unassuming rural buildings hide UNESCO World Heritage Byzantine murals. 

Tintern Abbey might be some of the most beautiful ruins you can visit

Once the site of a vibrant Cistercian monastery, Tintern now has the grass as its floor and the sky as its roof.

Hagia Sophia filled with sounds of Islamic prayer at formal conversion into mosque

Turkish president attends opening ceremony as Christian icons are covered.

Turkey invites Pope Francis to Istanbul for Hagia Sophia ceremony

Pontiff also receives phone call from president of Greece over concern for former Christian cathedral.

Some of the oldest Western Christian architecture is in Northern Spain

At a time when most of Spain was under Muslim rule, Christianity thrived in northern Spain.

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