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Church History

The Catholic history of the graduate’s cap and gown

The academic regalia seen at commencement ceremonies today dates back to the medieval universities of the 12th century.

An unpublished and unvarnished dialogue between Paul VI and Archbishop Lefebvre has been released

The two men agreed that there had been abuses after Vatican II, but the pope felt the need to begin fasting after their meeting.

Vatican Archives show that the truth of the Inquisition doesn’t match the “black legend”

The common cultural perceptions are mere caricatures, says researcher. The truth is neither black nor rosy.

10 Best “Catholic designs” on the red carpet at this year’s Met Gala

Celebrities turn out to wear stunning creations inspired by Catholic tradition.

Letter shows Henry VIII’s rage against the Church, but also a kind of mercy

King wanted abbot drawn and quartered, but relented with a mere hanging.

20 “Secrets” of the Sistine Chapel

An unforgettable tour of the little-known curiosities of Michelangelo's masterpiece

The incredible mosque turned cathedral in southern Spain

The combination of Western and Islamic architecture makes the “Mezquita” one of the most distinctive religious structures in the world.

10 Unusual and inspiring French churches

France never fails to surprise us. The pilgrim and the traveler have fun along the way and share their favorites.

Cathedrals at night: These awe-inspiring monuments bring light to the darkness

Day or night, these architectural wonders are some of the greatest testaments to faith.

Some things never change: This is how early Christians celebrated Mass

A brief comparison of liturgy from the 2nd century and liturgy today.

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