Down Syndrome

Online book shares the surprising joys of living with people with Down syndrome

These families want the world to know the many positives to having a loved one with Down syndrome.

See what this adorable 2-year-old with Down syndrome has achieved in lockdown

Eleanor Manton may have found her career thanks to her lockdown experience.

Ellie Goldstein, a model with Down syndrome chosen by Gucci

"The world is ready to embrace diversity and inclusion," her mother says.

Moving video of teen with Down syndrome visiting his mom’s grave to share his news

This new graduate wanted to make sure his mom knew about his great achievement.

Teenager with Down syndrome wows the art world

Nonverbal since birth, Sevy has found her voice and wowed people around the globe with her talent.

How lockdown has proved a blessing for this little boy with Down syndrome

As many struggle with quarantine, there's a joy to be had in knowing other vulnerable people are thriving.

Watch these adorable twins with Down syndrome take “the temptation challenge”

The viral video of these fun twins will bring so much joy to your day!

This young woman with Down syndrome wants to change UK laws on abortion of children with disabilities

Laws that allow abortion up to birth of babies with disabilities are discriminatory and wrong, and one young woman has had enough.

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