The amazing story of the rescue of the Madonna of Bruges by the Monuments Men

The only work by Michelangelo to have left Italy was stolen twice.

In violence-torn Belarus, Christians offer hope by living their faith

"During the Communist era they experienced more than enough suffering and sorrow. Now they want only peace and quiet in their country, and they long for democracy."

Statue of Mary once again overlooks city of Prague

Torn down by angry mob over 100 years ago, image is now seen as a sign of reconciliation.

European bishops’ conference launches site to live-stream from shrines

Platform offers wide variety of sanctuaries to assist in personal prayer.

A Catholic priest has helped bury thousands of Jews

Fr. Patrick Desbois hopes work documenting the Eastern European Holocaust will help prevent future genocides.

4 Catholic retreats in Europe to recharge your soul

Make a spiritual getaway to Europe and stay at an ancient monastery or retreat center.

Rise in attacks on churches, Christian symbols and cemeteries across Europe, group says

Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians documents over 325 incidents in 2018.

On 30th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall, Catholic bishops call for a “Europe moved by the Holy Spirit”

Catholic leaders wish for "a new commitment to those values Europe is built upon: justice, liberty and peace."

By accident, Carthusian monks helped create the perfume industry

In 1380, the water of a delicate bouquet of flowers became the first perfume of the island of Capri.

9 Celebrities who have made the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage

The Camino remains one of the most popular pilgrimages, drawing hundreds of thousands each year.

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