The Judean wilderness: Photos of the desert where Jesus resisted Satan

Jesus spent 40 days in YeShimon, which means “Place of Desolation.”

Digital rendering reveals face of 15th-century English abbot

St. Albans Cathedral will soon offer a one-day class which will explain the process behind digital facial reconstruction.

Archaeologist claims location of long-lost city of Bethsaida

Town might have moved due to shift in tectonic plates.

5th-century chalice boasts oldest Christian graffiti in Britain

The artifact has also helped date the ancient Roman fort of Vindolanda.

There are more Christian martyrs now than in all the previous centuries

Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the pope's representative to France, affirms the trend is not diminishing.

Nazareth hotel exhibits artifacts excavated from its own grounds

Routine construction turned archaeological excavation yeilds relics from as far back as 4,000 years ago.

The ruin of Solomon’s Temple aids in study of Earth’s magnetism

Modern science is informed by a surprising biblical source.

Archaeologists identify an early representation of the Hebrew God

Their findings also suggest that there were more temples in the region than previously thought.

8 Historical figures who achieved greatness as left-handers

Throughout the centuries, being left-handed was seen as a curse. These historical giants proved otherwise.

These 5 Catholic priests earned the Medal of Honor

The U.S. military's most prestigious personal military decoration has been awarded to these heroic Catholic chaplains.

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