3 Great military speeches to inspire you as a leader

In history we find the secrets of great leadership, in both victory and defeat.

St. Patrick’s High Cross is a beautiful Irish Catholic mystery

With no records and time-worn images, experts are left to speculate on the ancient artwork.

How Catholic leaders in Assisi, and even a German officer, saved Jews in WWII

Working for different causes, they nevertheless saved the town, and some 300 refugees, from disaster.

Scientists find famed Italian crucifix is oldest wood sculpture in Europe

The results support the icon's origins as recounted in medieval legend.

America’s religious heritage is carved in stone in nation’s capital

Moses and the Ten Commandments feature prominently in Congress and Supreme Court.

Madrid fisherman stumbles upon 14th-century statue of Madonna and Child

The mysterious statue may have come from a lost church on the Camino de Santiago.

Rare color footage of U.S. troops in the days before D-Day

This narrated film depicting events leading up to Invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, has the feel of a home movie.

A look at La Conquistadora, the oldest Marian statue in America

Our Lady of Conquering Love has a wardrobe fit for a queen.

Incredible digital facial reconstruction shows image of 900-year-old priest

The unnamed cleric was buried with a chalice and paten.

The strange account of the day “angels” saved British troops during WWI

Was it St. George? St. Michael? Multiple accounts testified to a heavenly host on the fields of France in August 1914.

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