John Paul II urged Christians not to run away from the world

It can be tempting to run away and avoid conflict, especially when the world is in crisis.

Pope Francis: “True love is not only expansive; it is inclusive”

Pope says that if we all give a little effort to build the common good, we can regenerate good relationships.

Majority of U.S. Catholic voters support abortion, poll says

Only 11% believe it should always be illegal.

10 Catholic reasons to celebrate Presidents Day

Do you know the Washington backstory involving the French Jesuits?

More and more Catholics identifying as “born-again”

A study found that the number of Catholics calling themselves "born again or evangelical" increased by 85% since 2008.

A prayer for all political leaders

Ask the King of kings to guide all political leaders in the ways of truth, beauty and goodness.

Bishop Barron: A talk on the Hill

A Democrat and a Republican invited the auxiliary bishop to give a talk to Senators, Representatives and staffers. This is what he said.

Bishop Barron: One cheer for George Will’s ‘The Conservative Sensibility’

Freedom becomes so much more than simply “doing what we want.”

Who needs a philosopher-king when you have a saint-emperor?

If only the world today could have leaders like this ...

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