Majority of U.S. Catholic voters support abortion, poll says

Only 11% believe it should always be illegal.

10 Catholic reasons to celebrate Presidents Day

Do you know the Washington backstory involving the French Jesuits?

More and more Catholics identifying as “born-again”

A study found that the number of Catholics calling themselves "born again or evangelical" increased by 85% since 2008.

A prayer for all political leaders

Ask the King of kings to guide all political leaders in the ways of truth, beauty and goodness.

Bishop Barron: A talk on the Hill

A Democrat and a Republican invited the auxiliary bishop to give a talk to Senators, Representatives and staffers. This is what he said.

Bishop Barron: One cheer for George Will’s ‘The Conservative Sensibility’

Freedom becomes so much more than simply “doing what we want.”

Who needs a philosopher-king when you have a saint-emperor?

If only the world today could have leaders like this ...

Was the Supreme Court’s Peace Cross decision a victory?

Church-state jurisprudence remains "a mess."

California governor to sign executive order to end death penalty

Governor Gavin Newsom has been a long-time opponent of capital punishment, calling it “an archaic mistake.”

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