Sacred Music

Aleteia's curated collection of music performed or composed for liturgical use or religious motives.

Young adult choir revives the sacred music of the Renaissance

The Brébeuf Virtual Choir is one of the best we've seen recording during the pandemic.

A lesser-known “Ave Maria” that’s just as beautiful as Schubert’s

Voces8's incredible vocal blend highlights a gem of sacred music.

Taizé prayer: Beauty, introspection, meditation

An excellent Catholic resource for contemplative prayer.

Unable to sing, Catholic parishes return to an ancient form of sacred music

Catholic composers are writing new music in the old style.

“I, Ennio Morricone, have died”

While his prolific catalog of film scores is exceptional, Morricone will also be remembered for his work in the field of sacred music.

VOCES8 will sooth your isolation anxiety with this prayer from St. Patrick

"The Deer's Cry" draws its lyrics from a prayer attributed to St. Patrick.

An isolationist’s Psalm, by the Quarantine Choir

Four musicians write Psalm 151 with coronavirus theme.

Living Lent from Home: Listen to Schubert’s Psalm 23

He didn't just compose that Ave Maria, you know.

Living Lent from Home: Listen to Charpentier’s Meditations on Lent

Marc-Antoine Charpentier was one of the most prolific, versatile, and inspiring French composers of the Baroque.

Listen to Paco Peña’s ‘Misa Flamenca’: A perfect blend of Gypsy and choral music

In 1991, one of the world’s foremost traditional Iberian guitar players composed his acclaimed Flamenco Mass.

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