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Pope Francis’ guide to fighting the devil

7 steps to claiming victory over the Prince of Evil

A unique case of Benedict XVI defeating the devil

Anecdote from the book 'Exorcist by Profession,' the testimony of a disciple of Fr. Gabriele Amorth.

2 Prayers to banish evil from a house or room

Dispel the powers of darkness that may be in this room and protect me this night ...

The devil will show you the good things of what you’ve left behind, pope warns

When we're feeling tired out by life, says Francis, we have to turn and look at the Crucified One

Pope in Padre Pio’s hometown: The devil gets inside us

But St. Pio had the solution for this torment, Francis says.

Exorcist at Rome conference helping priests learn to detect “spiritual disorder”

Hearing confessions is a "very exalted" mission, but one that is "not easy," says Vatican official

4 Common myths about the devil

We don't need to fear the devil but we should understand who he is. Here are the basics.

Lent: No more deals with the devil!

If you think you can beat him in his own tricks, you'll be devastated to learn how wrong you are.

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