Nun murdered in Satanic ritual in year 2000 will be beatified as martyr

Her killers were three young women, who had become wrapped up in Satanism.

The 10 swords you need to fight evil

Let’s not kid ourselves. The battle is constant.

Renounce the devil and his temptations with this night prayer

To move forward in the path of virtue we must first renounce the ways of darkness.

How division is a primary tactic of the devil

Even the word "devil" can be translated as "to divide."

Satan pays badly, warns pope, calling us to find the ‘Little Judas’ we have within

Mass intention: For the conversion of those making money off the needy

Devil has two tactics, explains Pope Francis

In morning homily, pope says that the devil enjoys destroying, but he begins with something more subtle.

Drive away the devil with this morning prayer

Begin your day by engaging in a little spiritual warfare!

Haunted houses: The harmless, the horrifying, and the helpful

Some parts fun, some parts fear ... but there's a real-life message, too.

Who is Lucifer and what does his name mean?

Originally the name of a planet, the name was adopted by Christians to denote a pure spiritual being before he fell from grace.

Original Greek of Our Father evokes a Satan who grabs and bites

Pope Francis reflects on seemingly overwhelming presence of evil in our world, but the simultaneous presence of Christ

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