Dominican Nuns launch new website for those considering monastic life

The sisters are present on five continent in 190 monasteries.

Meet the incredible Sr. Stephanie, who broke a world record while raising over $100K

The speedster sister was not going to let a pandemic stop her from running her marathon!

5 Incredible faith lessons from the movie ‘Moana’

Parents can use 'Moana' as a springboard to discuss vocation, tradition, the communion of saints, history, identity, and so many other vital topics.

What if marriage prep included the first 10 years of married life?

The Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life has come up with an interesting idea.

Why do nuns (and others in religious life) wear habits?

Many members of religious communities wear habits as an outward sign of their consecration to God and their belonging to an order.

If you’re frustrated in your ministry, hold on to these words by St. John Henry Newman

The saint knew a thing or two about feeling frustrated and disappointed, and shared words of encouragement.

Not sure you’re following God’s will? Here’s a surefire test

Missionary priest and survivor of the Russian Gulag offers a clear way to discern.

World-famous missionary doctor’s 3 pieces of advice for finding your mission in life

God has a particular call for you -- here's how to find and follow it.

Survey finds that encouragement is key to foster priestly vocations

It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a supporting word to raise a priest.

Successful executive leaves everything behind to enter ancient mountain monastery

He's found happiness not in wealth and luxury, but in a Benedictine monastery in Spain.

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