Video Clip Reveals Robin Williams’ Hopes for Heaven


Find out the person he most wanted to meet.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This video clip discusses death and other difficult subject matter and is not for children. We offer it to our adult users as a discussion starter about the afterlife and as a spur to praying for the repose of Williams’ soul. It is not, in any way, intended as teaching material.  Williams’ views are unorthodox and expressed, as might be imagined, in his own inimitable style, complete with rough edges. Still, it’s clear he had reflected deeply on the possibility of immortality.]

Robin Williams’ death continues making headlines as fans remember him by watching their favorite films.  One is a little known movie from 1998 entitled What Dreams May Come.

What Dreams May Come tells the story of a father who lives through the horror of his two children dying in a car accident and how they meet again in the afterlife when he dies four years later.

During an interview as part of the film’s press junket, Williams reflects on the film’s message. Then, poignantly, he expresses his own thoughts and hopes about heaven.  He talks about the person he most wants to be reuinted with there, as well as the foreshadowings of paradise he has experienced in life.

This video clip is a poignant reminder that nearly everyone imagines what the afterlife might be like. It also shows how reflecting on death helps us understand what’s truly important in life.

Trisha Hoffman is an award-winning television anchor, reporter, producer, publicist and volunteer. She was the news anchor who launched  the business news segments and co-founded the award-winning Blitz Group, a media consulting firm. She is a guest contributor for High School Football America’s radio shows and website where she created the column Inspired


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