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What’s heaven like? Here are 7 different images of it

Scripture presents us with these beautiful visions, giving us all something to long for.

Why is heaven pictured as a big fluffy city in the clouds?

That image falls extremely short of what eternal life truly is.

3 Types of martyrdom that lead to a heavenly reward

After red and white martyrdom comes this type of martyrdom.

What does the peacock symbolize in Christian art?

For the early Church its beautiful feathers and tough skin revealed a heavenly reality.

A far green country: Does Limbo really exist?

Experts gather to ponder the Church’s teaching on the fate of unbaptized infants

Do I believe in the resurrection of the dead?

Our eternity isn’t to be spent in a perpetual, out-of-body experience.

When God’s timing seems just awful

It's hard to trust Him when too many things are falling apart at once, and yet, He's got this.

A letter to a dying man

What could I say to a man of faith whose days were numbered?

How my 7-year-old’s first experience of death was deeply imbued with peace … and even joy

Our accidental encounter with a coffin brought home the beauty of our faith

Lift your glass: a song for the feast of St. Brigid

A heavenly drinking song with a few theology of the body references sprinkled in

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