Don’t go to Heaven alone

When progressing on the path toward Heaven, bring as many people along as you can, including friends and family members.

Increase your desire for Heaven with these prayers

Pray these short prayers to keep Heaven always on your mind.

How love can propel us toward Heaven

The greater we love God, the more we will desire Heaven.

Another reason we should look forward to Heaven

If the suffering of this world gets us down, stop for a moment and imagine the happiness we will experience in Heaven!

How the promise of Heaven can give us hope in times of trial

It is consoling to think of Heaven, where sickness and death will not exist!

Why Heaven will be a union of friends, both old and new

St. Gregory believed we would be able to recognize and talk to saints and other historical figures as friends in Heaven.

Get ready for the Apocalypse with this one neat trick!

Preparing for the end may be easier than you think

Why you should daydream about Heaven

The more we imagine what Heaven will be like, the more we will desire it.

This description of Heaven reminds us who is waiting there

St. Cyprian describes Heaven as a great family reunion, where we hope to see many of our loved ones.

The justice and yes, the mercy of Hell

An eternity contemplating the loss of God is so incomprehensibly bleak that the torments of Hell can be seen as a welcome distraction.

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