Cecilia World Music: A Love That Never Fails


“Cuidas de Mim”

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Your love is like a rock that will never break. Your love is like the sun that rises every morning.

In a world where so many have lost hope in the power of love, we bring you a song out of Brazil that proclaims a love that believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things, and, above all, a love that never fails even when we stumble and fall.

Singers Olívia Ferreira and Dunga sing about God’s love, which is free and cares for us. The song is like holy oil for the bruised and the broken in the world today, hurting for lack of love and because they don’t know God’s warmth. Let this song’s words and music enter the depths of our soul and touch our hearts.

—Mirti Medeiros


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