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Why I’m not afraid to love my husband more than he loves me

Loving without reservation or expectation isn’t weak or stupid.

It’s easier to be kind if you possess this one thing …

Here's how to harness the power of kindness.

Why Catholics don’t know how to date

... and what can be done to fix the problem.

How to love people for who they are … and not who you want them to be

It's challenging, but there are ways to let go of expectations and love without reservation.

The one thing this Auschwitz survivor says she lived for

Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre was named senator for life by the Italian president last January 19.

Why you need to hug your kids … even when they try to squirm away

Parental affection -- even when considered "extravagant" -- protects our children in important ways.

A Holocaust love story … and an incredible rediscovery 39 years later

 Jerzy and Cyla fell in love behind the barbed wire of Auschwitz and then managed to escape.

‘The Dating Project’: Why this professor makes her students go on dates

The hook-up culture is confusing and dark. Young people want someone to tell them there's another way.

A guide to making your first date successful

From how to plan the meeting, to what to bring, to how to mentally prepare ... this guide has it all.

4 Online dating tips if you’re seeking a serious relationship

These will help you know pretty quickly if your online connection is really going somewhere.

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