The longest lasting marriage in the world

Their parents tried to stop them from getting married, but nearly 80 years later, they're still in love.

Breaking up in the age of social media: It’s harder than it sounds

Online reminders of your ex make it harder to move on from a relationship than it used to be.

7 Quotes from Mother Teresa we really need today

In times of turmoil, lean on the Church's saints for inspiration.

The greatest gift my mom ever gave me

And it might be the same for you, too.

90-year-old husband woos his wife on their anniversary from outside her nursing home

Separated from his wife due to coronavirus, this nonagenarian wasn't going to be deterred in declaring his love.

Catholic “love story” challenge goes viral on Instagram

You won’t want to stop reading these sweet, funny, and inspiring love stories Catholic women are sharing.

Refresh your soul with God’s love for you

When our heart is broken by human love, God is always there to love us and bring us peace.

How the love of husband and wife is fed by the Eucharist

St. John Paul II firmly believed that love within marriage is strengthened by the Eucharist.

How St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world

Most countries honor this feast day, but how they celebrate it varies greatly from place to place.

Meditate daily on St. Paul’s definition of love

One of the most quoted passages from St. Paul's letters defines the qualities of true love.

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