Need some new ideas for date night? Here are 6!

The whole idea is to spend time together, but sometimes you need to get creative ...

8 Signs you’ve really fallen in love

Despite feelings of uncertainty, there are a few tell-tale signs …

The last words of a dying bride

Heather Mosher was determined to reveal her love for her husband before she breathed her last.

12 Romantic movies to watch while you ring in the new year

Staying in for the arrival of 2018? Celebrate while snuggled on the couch with one of these romantic NYE classics.

10 Lessons I learned about relationships from not walking down the aisle

Advice from a woman who called off her wedding before it was too late.

Are you aware of the unspoken ways your husband says “I love you”?

As couples grow older, they say “I love you,” less often, but it’s not always because love or appreciation is fading.

A love stronger than death

Photo of the Day: October 24, 2017

5 Things this priest learned from his dog (VIDEO)

Fr. Bill Byrne talks about the life and spiritual lessons he’s learned from his dog Roo.

How a 7-year-old boy’s act of charity led him to find the love of his life

A shoebox brought them together across thousands of miles.

Children of 9/11 victims find love together amidst their tragedy

Sixteen years after the horrendous event, a strong and hope-filled couple unites.

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