Moving instrumental piece accompanies the wisemen on their journey to Bethlehem


Watch and pray: Music and reflections for Advent

In these final days of Advent, The Vigil Project invites you to set out with the wisemen on their journey to Bethlehem with their song “Starlight,” an instrumental piece featuring Cathedral. Shawn Williams, the song’s composer, shared a reflection on the song, calling to mind life’s journeys, and how we often miss the “in between.” He writes:

Composing “Starlight,” I wanted to depict the long and exciting journey of the wisemen traveling towards the babe in the manger. I’m amazed by the curiosity, boldness, and trust that these three Kings had, dropping everything to follow the promise of a star.


The obligations that overwhelm me on a daily basis are nothing compared to the responsibilities these Kings bore. My own struggle to hear God’s voice amidst the clamoring of my own desires is so real. How then did three kings find time to even notice God’s sign in a star that shined a little brighter than the rest?


In this song, we travel, experiencing the journey alongside the wisemen. First, we encounter the sign from God and the start of a long and hopeful sojourn. The second section bears the wonder at meeting Jesus, the babe. And the last portion of the piece symbolizes going forth from the nativity…the joy, life, and steadiness that this encounter with Love Himself gives us.  


Read Shawn Williams’ whole reflection here.

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