This friar’s soaring ‘Pater Noster’ will move and inspire


If you’ve never heard of Friar Alessandro, hold onto your socks

The voice of Friar Alessandro belongs on stage at the Met. His strong tenor remains robust as he reaches his high notes and his head-voice is rich and full rather than nasally or tinny. He immediately catches your ear and transfixes you with this lush arrangement of “Pater Noster” (Our Father).

There are so many good things in this video, we’re not sure where to start. The scenes of Friar Alessandro singing in monastic rooms or in front of gorgeous landscapes is breathtaking and comforting. The orchestration is intricate and full with a Romantic 19th-century styling. Most impressive of all are Friar Alessandro’s dominant performance and his easy smile.

With such obvious talent, it’s easy to see why Friar Alessandro has become the first religious brother to land an international record contract. We couldn’t be more relieved, since hiding a voice like this in a friary would seem almost sinful. We can’t wait to hear more from Friar Alessandro.

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Song: Pater Noster | Singer: Friar Alessandro

Friar Alessandro

Hometown: Assisi, Perugia

Current City: Assisi, Perugia

Latest Album: Voice of Joy (2013)

Fun Fact: Friar Alessandro is a Franciscan friar, from the same town as St. Francis. He is a lifelong musician, who uses his gifts to spread faith and love around the world. Friar Alessandro is the first religious brother to ever land a deal with a record label. He signed with Universal Music.