Debbi explores faith in the world with “Hard to Believe”


“Know that you can change the world.”

Believe me sometimes it’s so hard to believe

Debbi is a relatively new singer who sprang onto the European music scene after appearing on Czech and Slovak SuperStar, on which she made it to the semi-final round. Since then she has released three full length albums and her song “Touch the Sun” won “Song of the Year” at the 2010 Anděl Awards.

She has a folk rock sound that is not afraid to be minimalist, as heard here. “Hard to Believe” explores the difficulties of maintaining one’s faith in the modern world. It centers around the idea that we can each change the world if we could only believe it, but that belief is hard to maintain.

Debbi has collaborated with Czech rapper/poet Lipo. She was invited to be the new lead singer of Marcell’s band No Distance Paradise, but will continue her solo work as well.

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Song: Hard To Believe | Singer: Debbi


Hometown: Prague, Czech Republic

Current City
: Prague, Czech Republic

Latest Album: Break (2017)

Fun Fact: At 16 years old, Debbi became a semi-finalist on the first season of Czech and Slovak SuperStar. She released her first album, Touch the Sun, in 2009. The title track won “Song of the Year” at the 2010 Anděl Awards. Debbi writes songs in Czech and English.