The sweet voices of Nashville Dominicans sing “This Virgin Kept Her Faith”


Another gentle hymn from their 800-year-anniversary album.

The Nashville Dominicans are back with another lovely hymn. “This Virgin Kept Her Faith” is a chant-based hymn that takes its text from the proper introit for the Feast of Saint Catherine of Siena, as well as a bit from Psalm 73.

“This Virgin Kept Her Faith” was released on their 2016 album, 800 Years of Gospel Mercy. The album was produced in honor of the Jubilee Year of Mercy called for by Pope Francis. 2016 was also the 800-year anniversary of the Dominican Order.

Only a few sisters sing on the recordings, but the congregation is quite large, numbering 305 sisters as of 2017. They are one of the largest congregations in the United States and have strong ties to their local community, where they teach children.

The Nashville Dominicans are a group of Dominican teaching nuns from the Congregation of St. Cecilia, in Nashville, Tennessee. The group began as the convent choir and their proximity to Nashville led them to the recording studios. The Nashville Dominicans have recorded 2 albums, both of which they make available to listen to on their website.

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Song: This Virgin Kept Her Faith | Singer: Nashville Dominicans

Nashville Dominicans

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Latest Album: 800 Years of Gospel Mercy

Fun Fact: The Nashville Dominicans are a community of Catholic religious sisters located in Nashville, TN. They are an active community and as of 2017 their congregation has 305 sisters.


Facebook: dominicansistersofsaintcecilia
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