The Ayoub Sisters are the next big thing in classical crossover


The first thing that strikes you is their overwhelming musicality.

The Ayoub Sisters recorded this fresh arrangement of Lloyd Webber’s “Pie Jesu” for their first, self-titled studio album. The pair of Scottish-born instrumentalists merged classical with pop for this crossover album, which also includes traditional Scottish songs, classical favorites, and pop songs like “Uptown Funk” and “Billy Jean.”

The first thing that strikes you about The Ayoub Sisters is their overwhelming musicality. Not only do they each play two instruments, they have reached virtuoso levels of talent on each and are able to change instruments mid-performance. They also have no problem seamlessly switching gears from classical to jazz.

They were first discovered by Mark Ronson, the writer of the popular hit “Uptown Funk,” who found them among more than 10,000 entrants in a contest connected to the 2016 BRIT Awards. The duo performed their cover of “Uptown Funk” on the BRIT Awards stage and that very night they were signed to Universal Music’s Decca Records.

They recorded their debut album at the legendary Abbey Roads studio, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The sisters arranged all the music with conductors Paul Campbell and Mark Messenger.

Their first album, The Ayoub Sisters, has great tunes on it from start to finish. While it may be hard for them to top such an excellent work, we look forward to hearing what The Ayoub Sisters bring us next.

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Song: Pie Jesu | Singer: The Ayoub Sisters

The Ayoub Sisters

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

Latest Album: The Ayoub Sisters

Fun Fact: The Ayoub Sisters began playing music as children. They both started on the piano and as their interests and talent grew, they switched to violin and cello. They were discovered by Mark Ronson after submitting an instrumental cover of his “Uptown Funk”. In 2017, they completed their first self-titled album.


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