Would you eat your cutlery to help the environment?


A married couple has come up with an ingenious way to reduce plastic.

Sweet, savory, or just plain? When it comes to cutlery, you’ve probably never been asked that before, but you soon might be.

Zinc, a company created by Narayana Peesapaty and Pradnya Keskar, makes the first mass-produced edible cutlery and could be the next game-changer in the eco-friendly products movement.

Because the cutlery is made primarily from millet, it doesn’t contain the dangerous toxins found in its plastic counterparts, and with a goal price of two cents the creators hope that choosing their waste-free alternative will become a no-brainer.

The endeavor hasn’t come easily, though. The couple sold their only asset, their home, in order to pursue the venture. But Narayana says, “We believe the change should come from within us. If we want the change, we should be the change. And we know we can create a plastic-free world.”

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