5 Sets of siblings who all became saints


When parents actually want their children to imitate an older brother or sister …

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“Don’t be like your older brother!” Such are the words of many parents whose younger children always seem to imitate their older siblings in every way. This can often be a frustration, unless the older sibling is a saint!

In that case, parents will heartily say, “Be like your older brother!”

Throughout history there have been countless examples of sibling saints, brothers and sisters being inspired by each other’s saintly example, choosing to follow Christ with their whole being. It’s how siblings are meant to influence each other, growing together in an intimate bond of holiness. Outside of their parents, siblings are the most influential people in a person’s life and can have a profound impact that will endure throughout their entire lives.

Here are a few examples of such positive influences, showing how holiness can spread within a family.

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