Mystery solved: “Señor Misterioso” is in fact a Venezuelan “saint”

Granted the title of Venerable in 1985, Dr. José Gregorio Hernández is not too well known in non-Spanish-speaking countries.

5 Sayings from the Desert Mothers on how to deal with adversity

These holy women show us what to do in difficult situations.

A beautiful Indian saint who refused an arranged marriage to follow God’s call

St. Alphonsa endured great suffering to be united with her one true love, Jesus.

3 Steps to putting the past behind you once and for all

It really is possible to take an eraser and wipe the slate clean.

St. Gerard Majella, the saint who went to play with the Christ Child every day

Heading home from the #MarchforLife? Make sure you befriend this saint!

Honored by Pope Francis, this priest is a patron of the poor, street children, and social workers

Chile's second canonized saint is a Jesuit like the pope, and a national hero.

3 Families where both parents and children became saints

As the saying goes, "the family that prays together, stays together."

Meet the awe-inspiring patron saint of prayer for Christian unity

Blessed Maria Gabriella of Unity wanted to console the Sacred Heart, so saddened by division in His Church.

A Catholic Paramhansa: Meet India’s St. Joseph Vaz

Like Paul at Rome, Fr. Vaz was hunted through India and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) like a common criminal.

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