All about the lives of both the most popular and the least known saints of the Church, the liturgical Catholic calendar, and a comprehensive database of patron saints and prayers to them.

How to live in a time of fear as St. Edith Stein did

She faced infectious disease and prejudice but kept her peace and faith.

Day 5: Novena to Sts. Louis and Zelie, for all families

May we delight ever more in God's presence with us.

Saints who teach us we can disagree and still be respectful

We might do well to remember that it's possible to be civil to one another! These saints show the way.

Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross: A friendship that defies expectations

If ever there were a saint who dispels the image of a sourpuss, it would be this reformer of the Carmelites.

Day 3: Novena to Sts. Louis and Zelie, for all families

May your example and intercession keep us from demanding from each other more than God demands of us.

What a child taught St. Augustine at the seashore

That sometimes God reveals himself in tiny drops …

Queen Elizabeth of Portugal was called the Peacemaker

Her patient efforts to bring peace to her home and her kingdom make her a beautiful intercessor for our day.

11 Quotes from the saints to give hope this Independence Day

Celebrate this special day with hope in your hearts for a better future.

12 Truths about making lasting friendships from St. John Henry Newman

Keep these points in mind when making and keeping friends.

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