“The Kitchen Prayer” reminds us how holiness can be found in the pots and pans


We are all called to be saints, even if the work we do isn’t glorious or ever seen by someone else.

One of the most popular prayers in the English-speaking world is known as “The Kitchen Prayer.” It was composed by Klara Munkres, a retired school teacher from Savannah, Missouri, and reflects a profound understanding of the “universal call to holiness.”

This call was renewed at the Second Vatican Council and centers on the reality that we are all called to become saints in the ordinariness of our lives. It doesn’t matter if we aren’t a priest or religious, we can still become a saint and offer a beautiful sacrifice to God.

The kitchen in particular can be a great place to offer our lives to God, giving him the service we are doing for others. Washing the dishes may not seem very glamorous, but united to God, it can pave the way to holiness.

Here is Munkres’ prayer, seen in many kitchens throughout the English-speaking world.

Lord of all pots and pans and things
Since I’ve not time to be
A saint by doing lovely things or
Watching late with Thee
Or dreaming in the dawn light or
Storming Heaven’s gates
Make me a saint by getting meals and
Washing up the plates.

Although I must have Martha’s hands,
I have a Mary mind
And when I black the boots and shoes,
Thy sandals Lord I find.
I think of how they trod the earth,
What time I scrub the floor
Accept this meditation Lord,
I haven’t time for more.

Warm all the kitchen with Thy love,
And light it with Thy peace
Forgive me all my worrying and make
My grumbling cease.
Thou who didst love to give men food,
In room or by the sea
Accept this service that I do,
I do it unto Thee.

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