Postman’s “feeling” leads to discovery of abandoned baby

Edward Holton

The little boy was just a few hours old and left on a cold winter morning.

When postman Edward Holton from London was recently doing his rounds, he came across a parcel with a difference.

After posting the mail in a customer’s letterbox, Holton noticed a blanket bundled in the doorway. It wasn’t moving and didn’t make a sound, so the postman went on his way. But as he explains in the BBC video below, something nagged at him, something inside impelled him to return to the doorway.

The postman’s instincts proved right: wrapped in the blanket was infant boy just a few hours old. Holton took the baby and kept him warm and snug in his delivery van until the police arrived to care for the little bundle.

In honor of his rescuer, the baby was given the name Edward, and the police are trying to find his mom to see how they can help her. It’s fortunate that with such chilly winter mornings Holton listened to that inner “feeling,” or perhaps it was his guardian angel or the Holy Spirit guiding him on his rescue mission.

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