12 Hilarious parenting memes that ring true for all moms and dads

overprotective parenting
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Being a mom or dad is a lot of work, but at least it gives us plenty of laughs!

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If there’s one thing all moms and dads can agree on, it’s that parenting is a tough gig. It’s the job that gives you no breaks or time off, and keeps you hard at work both day and night. Of course, it’s also incredibly worthwhile, giving you some of the sweetest days and happiest memories of your life—and, of course, some of the greatest laughs!

Kids really are the best comedians, with their nonsensical antics and innocently hilarious questions and opinions. Not only are kids hilarious, but laughing at their antics makes it easier to put up with the havoc they wreak. Most little kids make messes right and left, but retaining your sense of humor is key to happy parenting.

Share a laugh with us at these 12 memes that capture the reality of parenting a little too well!

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