Schoolteacher walks 5 miles to deliver bag lunches to students every day


This teacher goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure children aren’t going hungry.

Zane Powles is a war veteran and primary school teacher in Grimsby, in eastern England. Every day since the beginning of the quarantine, he’s been walking about 5 miles, carrying bags on his back and front and in each hand. In total, he carries up to 40 pounds of extra weight on his trip.

But his goal isn’t physical exercise. He’s carrying bagged lunches for students from his school, who can’t go to classes on site during the lockdown. Some of them come from families with very few resources, who depend on school lunches to complete their daily nutrition.

So every school day he knocks on their doors and drops off their bag lunches on their doorstep. Sometimes, he finds drawings and messages from grateful recipients.

His dedication to his students and his vocation as a teacher is an inspiration, but he prefers to downplay his role. “This is just a part of my job that I never expected to do, really,” he told the BBC.

Teachers go above and beyond the call of duty every day, and Powles is an especially inspiring example. His hard work is a blessing not only to the students at his school but to all of us witnessing it.

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