7 Healthy foods that Jesus ate


Scriptures show Jesus’ Mediterranean diet included figs, fish, lamb, wine, and olive oil.

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The topic of food is impossible to escape. Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram, checking out recipes on Pinterest, or discovering new ways of eating that challenge your meal planning, food is definitely a big focal point in our lives. When it gets overwhelming or confusing, it’s often best to remind ourselves that a simpler approach to nourishing our bodies can be the best way around it. A perfect way to do it would be following the classic Mediterranean diet Jesus himself was used to. 

While it is true that there are limited recipes available from 2,000 years ago, the Bible is littered with information about what Jesus ate — and it goes beyond those loaves and fishes! If you click on the slideshow below, you’ll discover some of the foods that Jesus and his Apostles would have eaten that may be helpful when you’re thinking about your next healthy meal.


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