A prayer for divided and broken families


Mother Teresa left this beautiful prayer for us to ask for peace to reign at the heart of our families.

Family life doesn’t always play out against a background of laughter and moments of joy. Arguments and hurtful words can also be part of daily family life. When all attempts at reconciliation seem futile, prayer reveals itself as the surest means to maintain or restore peace. St. Teresa of Calcutta knew this well. As she liked to say, “The family that prays together, stays together.” You can recite this lovely prayer she left us with if you’ve argued with your loved ones, or if they’re at odds with one another:

O God, Father of all people,

you call us all

to carry love where the poor are downtrodden,

joy where the Church is discouraged,

reconciliation where people are separated —

father from son,

mother from daughter,

husband from wife,

those who believe from those who don’t believe,

the Christian from his unloved Christian brother.

You prepare our way

so that  the wounded Body of Christ,

your Church,

may become the leaven

for the community of the poor on earth and

for the entire family of mankind.





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