How to add more joy to your Sundays

Happy - Family - Bed - Play
© Olena Yakobchuk | Shutterstock

What can we do to make the Lord’s Day truly extraordinary?

For many families, Sunday is a rather dull and boring day. It is often taken up by multiple chores or catching up sleep. Yet, there are many ways we can transform the Lord’s Day into a day for celebration and joy … 

  • Playing music as you rise
  • Singing a song to bless the table
  • Serving a festive meal
  • Doing activities as a family

All of these elements can highlight the Lord’s Day. It helps to plan in advance so you can keep your cool and not feel rushed. And why not give a free rein to your children’s creativity? They never lack in imagination when celebrations are concerned! 

Sunday is a blessed day, when we share the love of Christ that we receive at Mass. Inviting someone over, abstaining from scolding your children, letting everyone share in conversation, and asking everyone to be kind and listen to one another can easily transform the dullest of Sundays into a day for real celebration.

Guila Gaillard