Do you really know how to make the sign of the cross?

sign of the cross
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Some tips for making sure you do it the right away and never take it lightly.

When you make the sign of the cross, you need to pay attention to the gestures and the words that compose it. This very simple Christian rite means that the thrice holy God is praised in our flesh.  

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Raise your right hand to your forehead and say: “In the name of the Father.” The Creator’s love will open your mind to spiritual realities. The take your hand down to your chest and say “and of the Son.” In his love the Savior descended to Earth and has made us more human. You pass your hand from the left shoulder to the right, and say “and of the Holy Spirit.”  

This sign of the cross is not a trivial gesture. It reunites heaven and earth, the human and the divine. Christians have suffered martyrdom for this gesture, in lands where the Christian faith is not tolerated. In placing all your passion into the sign of the cross, you can recite this short prayer:

In the name of the Father who has lovingly created me,

in the name of the Son who has lovingly supported me,  

in the name of the Holy Spirit who has lovingly given me life.  



Jacques Gauthier

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