Christians in the Middle East

Everything concerning the life of Christians in the Middle East: saints, traditions, liturgy, persecution, and current affairs.

Syria: Franciscan Friars are caring for Christians living under Sharia law

An estimated 300 Christian families in western Syria face persecution, violence and danger, even death, as their villages continue to be controlled by jihadist groups.

Archbishop of Beirut: “We want to know the truth about the explosion”

Aid to the Church in Need interviews Maronite Archbishop Paul Abdel Sater of Beirut.

A Christian convert from Iran: “The Bible is all that I have”

Seyed Mohammad Mahdi was forced to leave his home and is now living as a refugee in Spain.

Armenian cathedral is severely damaged in conflict with Azerbaijan

Renewed hostilities, which have claimed over 300 lives, involve religious site.

In Lebanon, “a living witness to Christ on earth”

Altogether, Aid to the Church in Need is helping more than 5,800 families. At the center, the Daughters of Charity have undertaken to distribute this aid to 350 families.

Iraq features churches on new postage stamps

Eight historic houses of worship grace a new series from country's postal service.

Iraqi archbishop who rescued manuscripts from ISIS is nominated for EU human rights award

The Chaldean Catholic prelate saved thousands of historic documents during the Islamic State's attack on Mosul in 2014.

Lebanon: “They count on us for help—both spiritual and financial”

Aid to the Church in Need's Reinhard Backes talks about his fact-finding mission in Lebanon, the last country in the Middle East with a substantial presence of Christians.

Iraq’s prime minister encourages Christians to return

Mustafa Al-Kazemi calls Christians "the original children of the country" and pledges assistance.

Moroccan Christians have to practice their faith in secret

The number of Moroccan Christians is an estimated 8,000, though some sources put that number as high as 25,000.

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