Christians in the Middle East

Everything concerning the life of Christians in the Middle East: saints, traditions, liturgy, persecution, and current affairs.

Moroccan Christians have to practice their faith in secret

The number of Moroccan Christians is an estimated 8,000, though some sources put that number as high as 25,000.

Iraq’s Christian community might dwindle to 23,000 by 2024, agency says

Six years after ISIS, residents are still plagued by problems — and a fear of the jihadists' return.

In Iran, “a church without martyrs would be like a tree without fruit”

The head of the Iranian Chaldean Church talks to Aid to the Church in Need (ANC) about the plight of Christians in Iran.

Things have gone from bad to worse for Syrian Christians, but help is on its way

During the nine years of the civil war, the Syrian Christians have suffered greatly. Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has just launched a new emergency aid program to assist families in need.

Turkey’s Christian “doctor of the poor” succumbs to coronavirus

Murat Dilmener was first Syriac Christian to teach at Istanbul medical school.

How do we know this is where Jesus was baptized?

Plenty of different clues point at this very special site as the one where Jesus was baptized by John.

Chaldean patriarch trying to support the faith of Iraq’s Catholics during pandemic

A country already struggling in its post-war years now taking extreme measures to fight coronavirus spread.

World Youth Day may be coming to the Middle East

Discussions among Catholic bishops center around a stand-alone World Youth Day that would cater to the youth of the region.

Trip to Holy Land equips young Christians with tools to help religious minorities

The Philos Leadership Institute makes possible U.S. Christian millennials' encounters with the people of the Holy Land, inspiring them to work toward peace.

Iraqi town destroyed by ISIS rises again 

Aid to the Church in Need speaks with Chaldean Catholics who are bringing Christianity back to the Nineveh Plains.

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