3 Dos and don’ts for talking to your kids about fear during a pandemic

Here are some ways to help ease the stress in your kids, instead of exacerbating it.

Take a peek behind one of the first socially distanced weddings in Wales

The ceremony Included a Zoom Bible reading from the other side of the world.

Son sails the Atlantic to get to his 90 year-old dad during COVID-19

Juan Manuel Ballestero proves how the love for his father has no limits.

Brazilian nursing home creates “hug tunnel” for elderly residents during COVID-19

In an effort to cheer up its seniors, the care home found the perfect idea.

9 Celebratory ways to honor the 4th of July at home

There might not be a parade this year, but you can still celebrate American independence at home!

12 Enjoyable things to do with young adult kids who are back home during the pandemic

Your family can find ways to enjoy their unexpected time at home together.

My coronavirus, and the Psalms that got me through

The virus wouldn’t let me get comfortable and wouldn’t let me quench my thirst, but its worst symptom is “hopelessness.”

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, women religious fight the pandemic

Even in normal circumstances, the situation there is extremely difficult.

Pope has donated 35 ventilators to various countries hard-hit by COVID-19

Since March, the Holy Father has been showing the Church's closeness and compassion with tools to fight the pandemic.

Burned out on Zoom? Try these solutions for the fatigue of virtual meetings

Video calls really are more exhausting than meeting up in person. Luckily there are ways to catch a break!

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