Pope Francis: Pass on the “truly rich heritage of the Latin tradition” to the young

In this year's Pontifical Academy award ceremony, the pontiff invokes St. Augustine to remind the faithful of the urgency to look to the Church's Latin roots.

Watch the history of humanity unfold on this fascinating map

This video is an awesome teaching tool, but it's thought-provoking for us all.

How pregnancy forced me to abandon my immodest behavior

Modesty goes a lot deeper than most of us think.

A reason for girls to dress modestly in school … that has nothing to do with boys

New research might put those skin tight leggings back in the drawer for good, with no whining.

The one question you need to ask before buying an item of clothing

Personal style is so much more than labels or price tags.

Rude audiences at Broadway? There’s a way to fix that

Actors could start using bad behavior to improve the entire theater exerience.

Is the “prayer hands” emoji really a “high-five”?

A picture is worth a thousand interpretations.

A Millennial guy’s guide to holding the door open

It's not always appreciated, but in the name of humanity I persevere.

The “Witch of November” is the scourge of the Great Lakes

Hurricane force winds create waves that can sink ships.

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