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Do you objectify yourself? Here are 4 ways to know

An underlying attitude is at the root of it.

Exclusive Look: Thomas Merton’s contemplative photography

"Mysticism flourishes most purely right in the middle of the ordinary."

Pending outcome of Supreme Court ruling, states poised to legalize sports betting

Legislators, encouraged by what they heard in oral arguments, already crafting legislation

Why 65 isn’t “old” anymore

60 may not be the new 50, but maybe it's time to rethink our life-stage categories ...

Teaching our girls that beautiful doesn’t mean “sexy”

Retailers take note: Start respecting young women.

7 New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world

Tired of watching the ball drop at midnight? Check out these other celebratory traditions from around the globe.

Big toy store will lose a projected $2.7 million to put family first this Christmas Eve

A UK retailer says he believes it's more important to honor the real meaning of the holiday.

Pope Francis: Pass on the “truly rich heritage of the Latin tradition” to the young

In this year's Pontifical Academy award ceremony, the pontiff invokes St. Augustine to remind the faithful of the urgency to look to the Church's Latin roots.

Watch the history of humanity unfold on this fascinating map

This video is an awesome teaching tool, but it's thought-provoking for us all.

How pregnancy forced me to abandon my immodest behavior

Modesty goes a lot deeper than most of us think.

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