The Judean wilderness: Photos of the desert where Jesus resisted Satan

Jesus spent 40 days in YeShimon, which means “Place of Desolation.”

Israel’s Basilica of Transfiguration safe after forest fire on Tabor

Conflagration came within meters of historic church.

Archaeologists identify an early representation of the Hebrew God

Their findings also suggest that there were more temples in the region than previously thought.

8th-century shipwreck discovered adorned with both Christian and Islamic faith symbols

The crew may have represented a variety of religions, a rare example of ancient interfaith unity.

New technology helps experts analyze ancient handwriting

Archaeologists glean new insights of the ancient world.

Qumran: Travel to the archaeological park where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found

A tour through the national park is a journey back to biblical times, where visitors can see the ancient town, complete with excavated buildings.

Ruins of Roman condiment factory found in Israel

For centuries, the ancient Roman world went wild for rancid fish sauce.

Archaeologists uncover road to the Temple Mount, built by Pontius Pilate

Coins found under magnificent Jerusalem street point to construction by the local Roman governor.

This ancient Judaean fortress became a Byzantine monastery… but only for a while.

High atop a cliff in the Judaean Desert, the ancient fortress was built by Alexander Jannaeus, and transformed into a monastery centuries later by Saint Euthymius

2,800-year-old altar confirms war between Israel and Moab, as documented in biblical texts

Archaeological evidence once again suggests that biblical accounts can be reliable historical sources.

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