Little boy healed through prayers of Fr. McGivney is “like a kiss from Jesus”

Unborn baby who was doomed to die in utero is now "probably the happiest kid" in the home of the Schachles of Dickson, Tennessee.

Miracle baby sends founder of Knights of Columbus on road to sainthood

After extensive investigation, Pope Francis confirmed that the baby's healing was a miracle attributed to the intercession of Fr. Michael McGivney.

How St. Rita miraculously saved a girl from a plague

When many Italian cities were suffering from a contagious disease, one girl turned to St. Rita's intercession.

This prayer to St. Anthony is called the “Miracle Prayer”

St. Anthony is not only effective at finding lost things, but also at interceding before God for miracles.

The Eucharistic miracle that occurred at Fatima

Francisco and Jacinta received their First Holy Communion from an angel when they did not have access to the sacraments.

Lockdown doesn’t stop Naples miracle

Blood of St. Januarius, a saint hailed for often intervening to save us from the plague, liquefies in its reliquary.

Miraculous prayer to the Holy Infant of Atocha

This particular devotion to the Child Jesus is known for its miraculous power.

Seeing the Raising of Lazarus through Rembrandt’s own eyes

A Meditation on the Gospel of the 5th Sunday of Lent.

Earthquake leaves tabernacle standing in Puerto Rican Catholic church

The priest and faithful found the tabernacle and the Eucharist within it "precariously resting on the edge of the altar."

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