This book of poetry will help renew your prayer life

Anthony Esolen's 'The Hundredfold: Songs for the Lord' features poems about Jesus, based on passages in the Bible.

This short film on gratitude is a perfect remedy for melancholy

'Gratitude Revealed' is a lesson from a little girl and a Benedictine monk in seeing each day as a gift.

Listen to T.S. Eliot read his poem ‘Journey of the Magi’

The poem is an invitation to join the wise men on a pilgrimage that could change you forever.

This famous British poet gave up the thing dearest to him for Lent

Gerard Manley Hopkins put writing aside for the penitential season of 1866.

It’s a mystery: Who penned “A Visit From St. Nicholas”?

In the 19th century two authors claimed to have written the world's most famous Christmas poem.

Rare Gerard Manley Hopkins manuscripts now in British government’s hands

Archive was maintained by the family of former British poet laureate.

What I learned from the “terrifying” Robert Frost

In spite of his disarming and folksy manner and engrossing pastoral settings, Frost shines light into the dark corners we wish to avoid.

Dartmouth professor offers free online course on “Paradise Lost”

Viewers get access to university's Milton Reading Room.

Why good fences make good neighbors

As wonderful -- and essential -- as community is, we still need boundaries.

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