Aleteia's collection of articles on the sacraments, the efficacious signs of Grace instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, by which divine life is dispensed to us.

The law of inertia and the return to Mass

For all its mighty power, inertia is not, ultimately, the world’s greatest force. Our free will is stronger.

What do Catholics mean by apostolic succession?

Apostolic succession is the transmission of the mission and power of the Apostles to their successors, the bishops, in an unbroken line.

How do you keep Sunday “holy”?

Keeping Holy the Sabbath Day involves participating in the Eucharist, as well as preserving Sunday as a day of rest and relaxation.

Why did Jesus choose bread and wine for the Eucharist?

While primarily connected to the Jewish celebration of the Passover, the choice of bread and wine has even more symbolism.

Why is receiving the host at Mass called “communion”?

The word "communion" signifies the mysterious ways Catholics are united to God and each other when receiving the Eucharistic host.

Which Bible passages help explain the Eucharist?

Catholic beliefs about the Eucharist primarily come from the following passages in the New Testament.

Do I need to go to confession before going back to Mass?

It is always necessary to examine your conscience before receiving Holy Communion, especially if it has been several months since you last received the sacrament.

When you don’t feel sorry for your sins, ask God for help

Sometimes we don't feel sorry for our faults and when that happens, we need to ask for God's grace.

Prepare for holy communion with this prayer of joy and gratitude

If you haven't been able to receive communion for a long time, make sure to prepare your heart for the gift Jesus will give you.

First Communion: Take advantage of the quarantine to see if your child is ready

Get a head start on preparing your child for receiving the sacrament.

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