Today, “What child is this?” becomes “What man is this?”

On understanding today's feast as a Christmas mystery

6 Things Baptism does to us through our promises

Baptized Catholics might not feel freer than other people. But we are.

5 Saintly quotes on how to approach the Eucharist with a true ‘Christmas’ spirit

Many saints throughout the centuries recognized the Eucharistic connections to Jesus' birth.

The knock on my dorm-room door that saved my soul

I can trace my return to the faith to one grace-filled moment.

What does the word “Eucharist” mean?

The word isn't of English origin, and has many different levels of meaning.

How to use a sick-call crucifix

And why it used to be a popular wedding present.

Is a confession app a substitute for the confessional?

Text and video have begun to feel intimate to us, but sacramentally, being present still counts.

How do you dispose of old sacramentals?

When your rosary breaks or your crucifix falls apart, what should be done?

Is my confession still valid if my priest seems bored?

"If the priest doesn't care, why should I?"

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