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Aleteia's collection of articles on the sacraments, the efficacious signs of Grace instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, by which divine life is dispensed to us.

The most damaging bit of advice that single people often get

Our advice expert weighs in on the worst relationship advice ever.

Can a priest be forced to betray the seal of the confessional?

The sophisticated technological growth of the media allows for more violations of fundamental private life.

A visual guide to praying the act of contrition

Featuring five different ways of saying the act of contrition.

In images: 5 Different ways to say an act of contrition

After confessing your sins to a priest, here are a few options of what to say next.

3 Useful sacramentals to have in your briefcase or purse

Bring God with you wherever you go, even into your next business meeting.

What to do when Holy Communion falls on the ground at Mass

The Church's guidelines in this matter highlight the reality of Jesus' presence in the Eucharist.

This Sunday’s feast gives us a moment to contemplate just how thoroughly Christ gives himself to us

He makes himself a humble meal that lovingly heals our memory, wounded by life’s frantic pace.

How the Eucharist was foreshadowed in the Old Testament

Jesus himself spoke about these episodes in the Bible that prepared the way for the Eucharist.

Here is what early Christians believed about the Eucharist

Their beliefs were rooted in Jesus' words and the traditions passed down to them from the Apostles.

How a Eucharistic miracle is approved by the Church

This is how the Church investigates a Eucharistic miracle to determine its authenticity.

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