Is a confession app a substitute for the confessional?

Text and video have begun to feel intimate to us, but sacramentally, being present still counts.

How do you dispose of old sacramentals?

When your rosary breaks or your crucifix falls apart, what should be done?

Is my confession still valid if my priest seems bored?

"If the priest doesn't care, why should I?"

Watch: This award-winning short film will test your notions of forgiveness

“The Confession” won Best Short Film at the International Catholic Film Festival.

When you’re scared that you’re shutting God out, remember Baptism

Before any choice is made, God has accepted us entirely, in our helplessness, even in our non-responsiveness.

The priest ended my confession with this prayer and wow! It’s so beautiful!

It's worthwhile to take time to pray with and about the prayers of the Church, to learn to appreciate them anew.

A priest in an ambulance is out to resuscitate your faith

Fr. Michael is bringing people back to the Church in an unconventional way.

Is there a better way to prepare our youth for Confirmation?

Youth minister Christopher Wesley suggests our confirmands need "more than another graduation."

The seal of confession: What it is and why it should be protected

The seal of confession is among a priest’s chief weapons in thwarting Satan’s plot.

The tsunami that receded when it was blessed with the Blessed Sacrament

The miracle reportedly occurred in 1906 in Tumaco, Colombia.

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