5 Religious who look (and act) like Jedi Knights


Luke Skywalker is obviously a Franciscan (but could also be a Carmelite or a Jesuit).

When developing the religious sages of his fictional Star Wars universe, George Lucas looked to real-life examples for inspiration. Some were deliberate choices, while others are mere coincidences.

Whatever the case may be, it is hard to deny the similarities between certain Christian religious orders and the Jedi that Lucas invented. Here are five such examples of religious who not only look like Jedi, but also act like them and share similar spiritualities.


Public Domain

The simple brown habit of the Franciscans (especially when the hood is up) looks strikingly similar to the traditional brown cloak of the Jedi Knights. In both cases the brown garb distinguishes them from everyone else and is a summary of their spiritual charisms.

For the Jedi the brown cloak was most often used by those advanced in the Jedi Order, such as Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters.

Similarly, Franciscans are only allowed to wear the habit after completing a time of postulancy. The brown habit also symbolizes humility and poverty.

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