7 Royals who chose the Catholic faith over their royal status


Discover how converting to Catholicism changed the day-to-day lives of these royals.

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It’s not easy when your convictions lead you to embrace a new faith. While loved ones might welcome your decision with open hearts and minds, others may give you the cold shoulder, say unkind things, or vehemently oppose you.

So imagine what it can be like for members of royalty to follow their beliefs, especially when they are contrary to what is expected of them. Today we feature a few of the men and women who broke with centuries of tradition and embraced the Catholic faith. Some willingly gave up their place in the line of succession to the throne; others felt compelled to join the Church out of conviction, for love, or were inspired by a beloved pope.

One thing is for sure, these devout royals, irrespective of what they stood to lose, made the decision to “seek first the Kingdom of God,” demonstrating that their status before God was far more important than any regal status.

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