Internet sensation giving “dadvice” on YouTube continues to inspire


This past Father’s Day was special for Rob Kenney and his subscribers in many ways.

We recently shared the story of Rob Kenney, who has notched up a staggering 2.3 million followers on his “dadvice” channel on YouTube. His friendly and helpful advice aimed at people who grew up without a father figure has proven to be a much-needed service. For his efforts, Kenney recently received some thanks for his pearls of wisdom. The home improvement store Lowe’s delivered a number of packages to Kenney’s home with materials he can use to demonstrate more practical skills to his growing subscriber list.

The 56-year-old dad of two also sent gift cards to “deserving dads” out there this past Father’s Day. As the kind-hearted Kenney pointed out to Today, there are many good dads out there. Since Kenney had issues in his own childhood, he is in a very good place to recognize the great dads playing a vital role in their families.

Perhaps most important is the uplifting Father’s Day message Kenney gave to those who follow him. In a message of thanks to fans who sent him cards and gifts, he also took the time to encourage children with dads to appreciate them; for kids who’ve lost their dads to remember them; and for those who’ve never had a dad, or whose father wasn’t a good dad, to forgive them. He encouraged his viewers to realize that they can be a great dad when their time comes, no matter what their own situation has been. They can break the cycle.

Kenney also took the time to address the dads out there who might feel they’re going off-track. He encouraged them to ‘re-engage” and impressed the fact they’re needed and it’s not too late.

It’s wonderful to see how one man has used his own traumatic childhood for the good of others, and it’s even better to see this wonderful dad championing the importance of men being a positive presence in their children’s lives.

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