Prayer to invite God into your soul at communion


When you receive Jesus in Holy Communion, invite him not only into your body, but also into your soul.

When we receive Jesus at Holy Communion, he physically enters our body, but does he also enter our soul?

God does not force his way in, but knocks patiently at the door of our heart. He is ready to come in, but it is up to us to open the door.

Here is a prayer adapted from The Catholic prayer book and manual of meditations that actively invites God into our soul when receiving Holy Communion, allowing us to accept his presence of love in the depths of our heart.

Penetrate my heart with a due sense of your immense bounty and goodness. If I put no obstacle in the way, you, my heavenly spouse, will teach me to think and judge of things as you judge and think of them. I will henceforth leave myself entirely to your divine guidance. Let my soul be as a canvas on which you may trace your own portrait. Grant that I may endeavor to please you alone, not according to my ideas, but to yours; not in preventing your inspirations by my own efforts, but in a faithful correspondence with them.