Pray for those sick with coronavirus with this short prayer


To help those suffering, here’s a prayer written by Adrienne von Speyr, a Swiss doctor and theologian.

The coronavirus pandemic has been spreading with a breathtaking speed. Prayer remains the best way to help all those who’ve been directly impacted by this disease. This prayer was composed by Adrienne von Speyr, a laywoman and Swiss doctor who converted to Catholicism in 1940 and was a collaborator of the theologian Hans Ursvon Balthasar:

Lord, bless the sick and all those who suffer.

Show them through your suffering on the Cross

that in your Passion all suffering

is meant to redeem the world.

Give them strength, courage and patience.

Grant them by your grace to shine in sickness,

their suffering which contributes to the love, 

that transforms the suffering of others.



Anna Ashkova

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