How to keep the close bond with your partner after the lockdown is lifted

Shutterstock | Roman Samborskyi

A few tips on how to keep the spirit of loving kindness alive and well when life returns to a new normal.

Lockdown has allowed many couples to rediscover the spirit of loving kindness, gratitude, and forgiveness. The fruit of these weeks spent together should not be lost. This wonderful attitude and closeness can continue well after the lockdown. But how?

First of all, this must be a conscious decision you are willing to assume. You must tell yourself: “Today I’ve decided to do everything in my power to love my partner.” You may object, saying this is self-evident. But love is more than a feeling — it’s a commitment. In the biblical sense, it means consenting to give all of yourself. It’s an ambitious decision to be sure. But this is exactly what the Scriptures command us to do.  

More concretely, you can set up some rules to help you experience love for each other on a deeper level. To do this will require a sound discipline with as weekly dates, romantic getaways, and an attitude of unconditional love for your partner, which leads to a sense of gratitude.

Marie-Noël Florant



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