My son, whom I planned to abort, saved my life

Pregnant at the age of 19, she went against her parents' will and reneged on her decision for an abortion.

In defense of life

Photo of the Day: November 21, 2017

Two priests convicted of trespassing in Virginia abortion facility protest

Activists hint they will return to "Red Rose Rescue" after getting $500 fines

Making adoption more like family and less like business

Under the patronage of a saint, two women are out to make adoption affordable and friendly.

Witnessing for life in New York City

Photo of the Day: November 5, 2017

The pro-life position is essentially a secular position

We religious pro-lifers have more allies than we may have thought, and more useful arguments as well.

HHS draft plan recognizes that life begins at conception

A proposed revision of the Department of Health and Human Services' strategy statement also speaks of "natural death" at end of life.

Dublin hotel cancels pro-life event after protest from abortion advocates

A social media campaign and emails sent to hotel were reasons cited for calling off conference.

Standing for life, while on his knees

Photo of the Day: September 18, 2017

Pope Francis: “Rigidity scares me”

An excerpt from the new book 'Politics and Society,' in which the Holy Father sat down for an unprecedented 20 candid interviews

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