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A collection of our articles on both induced abortion and spontaneous miscarriages, from a Catholic perspective.

What our baby shower taught me about dignity

No one at the store or at the party asked us if we planned to keep the baby before congratulating us.

Pope refers to Hitler in decrying abortion of the disabled

Francis notes how the world is scandalized by Nazi policies to "purify the race" but today we do the same "with white gloves"

Argentina: Chamber of Deputies approves bill to decriminalize abortion

The bill legalizing abortion was approved in the lower house of the Congress; final approval is in the hands of the Senate.

Father and daughter team undertake an unprecedented ‘Walk for Life’

John and Laura Moore are going coast to coast in support of the unborn.

How steak sandwiches are helping women choose life over abortion (VIDEO)

It all started with a Knights of Columbus fundraiser at a Notre Dame football game...

British court rejects challenge to Northern Ireland’s abortion ban

Ruling follow southern neighbor's referendum to allow abortion to be legalized

Ireland’s abortion referendum: Why did voters choose to remove life protections?

Observers say confluence of long-term problems led two-thirds of voters to reject Eighth Amendment.

Why is China on the verge of abandoning its two-child family limit?

Unsurprisingly, limiting population growth turns out to be bad economics.

Pro-life campaign vows to keep fighting as Ireland prepares to legalize abortion

Irish vote overwhelmingly to remove constitutional amendment that recognizes unborn's equal rights

Ireland’s pro-life Eighth Amendment appears headed for defeat

Exit polls show strong majorities voting to repeal constitutional protection for unborn children

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