A collection of our articles on both induced abortion and spontaneous miscarriages, from a Catholic perspective.

Irish abortions total 6,666 in first year since legalization

“It’s the first time in 18 years that there has been an increase in the number of abortions and the first time in our history that thousands of innocent unborn babies have had their lives ended …

Tennessee bans abortion once heartbeat detected

The new law also makes it illegal to abort because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Great Britain reports sharp rise in abortions

Numbers are the highest since the 1967 abortion law came into effect.

Mexican state passes legislation to foster “respect for life” in schools

Education reform law is an "important step" in advancing culture of life, Church official says.

‘Hercules’ actor Kevin Sorbo lends a hand to home for new mothers

The Catholic maternity home, Good Counsel, is holding an online event on May 27.

The doctor advised the parents to “terminate,” but they chose prayer instead

The couple wouldn't consider abortion. "We said, 'No, God gave us this baby and God will take the baby if He wants to.'"

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh calls abortion “horrendous”

In an interview the Wolverines’ football coach said he thought the COVID-19 pandemic has more people thinking about “the sanctity of life.”

Exclusive photos: Crisis pregnancy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

See how Good Counsel Homes is continuing to provide a safe haven for women and children.

After an abortion and a miscarriage, this woman became a pro-life speaker

A mother has turned her grief and regret into a way to help other young women.

Former abortionist, rape victim to celebrate life in NYC Gift of Life Walk

The March 25 parade will travel down Broadway, through the heart of Manhattan.

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