Our collection of articles on the study, recovery, and scientific investigation of the material remains that can illuminate both our reading of the Scriptures and our understanding of tradition.

Medieval monastery found under English garage

Experts believe they have located the last of the five great monasteries of Gloucester.

Discovery of sourdough bread oven offers insight into a medieval Cistercian monastery

Archaeologists' findings suggest the monastic community was much larger and a lot older than previously thought.

Excavation of ancient church reveals breathtaking 1,600-year-old floor mosaic

The ancient artwork features depictions of people, animals, and writing in the ancient Syriac alphabet.

Historic wall of Herod’s palace shown in set of new ‘Salome’ production

Archaeological drawings based on the site where it is believed St. John the Baptist was executed influenced the set design.

5th-century chalice boasts oldest Christian graffiti in Britain

The artifact has also helped date the ancient Roman fort of Vindolanda.

Nazareth hotel exhibits artifacts excavated from its own grounds

Routine construction turned archaeological excavation yeilds relics from as far back as 4,000 years ago.

The ruin of Solomon’s Temple aids in study of Earth’s magnetism

Modern science is informed by a surprising biblical source.

Archaeologists identify an early representation of the Hebrew God

Their findings also suggest that there were more temples in the region than previously thought.

Excavation in progress at the tomb of Lazarus: “There are interesting elements”

For the first time, a full archeological survey is being carried out on Lazarus’ tomb, along with important restoration work.

Archaeologists discover 1,300-year-old church near Jesus’ Mount of Transfiguration

Researchers believe the church was part of a monastery near the Lower Galilee village of Kfar Kama.

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