Our collection of articles on the study, recovery, and scientific investigation of the material remains that can illuminate both our reading of the Scriptures and our understanding of tradition.

Asphyxiation: The main cause of death by crucifixion

A new study of the only known remains of a crucified man paints a different picture of the Roman execution method.

Ancient Byzantine church unearthed in İstanbul

1,500 years of history are just waiting to be discovered underfoot.

Madrid fisherman stumbles upon 14th-century statue of Madonna and Child

The mysterious statue may have come from a lost church on the Camino de Santiago.

Monumental ancient Christian cross found in mountains of northern Pakistan

“It is indeed great news for all of us that an ancient cross was found in Skardu. It shows that Christianity existed in this area," said Mansha Noor, executive director of Caritas Pakistan.

Flood submerges village where it is believed Jesus fed the multitudes

Archaeologists were forced to abandon their site at the village of Bethsaida in Israel when Lake Kinneret, also known as the Sea of Galilee, flooded.

Archaeologists narrow dating of Jerusalem structure to time of Herod the Great

Jesus might have walked over the structure that has been the source of scholarly debate.

DNA archaeology suggests new interpretation of Dead Sea Scrolls

The material on which the scrolls were written is leading scholars to rethink their previous assumptions.

Jerusalem’s ancient Tombs of the Kings site reopens

Archaeological site was closed for a decade of renovations and months of pandemic.

Incredible digital facial reconstruction shows image of 900-year-old priest

The unnamed cleric was buried with a chalice and paten.

Modern technology reveals hidden text on Dead Sea Scroll fragment

Researchers had considered the fragments to be blank scraps of paper.

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