Or collection of articles on the 2000-years-long tradition of Christian architecture, its adaptations from other architectural styles, and its many innovations based on beliefs, practices, and local traditions.

New church on University of Virginia campus evangelizes with beauty

"By expressing beauty, permanence, and transcendence, a church building can teach all who see it what it means to be Catholic.” 

10 of the oldest churches in England

These churches have stood for over 1,000 years as a testament to the enduring Christian faith of England.

This ancient stone bridge can teach us a lesson about resilience during a crisis

Let's build our houses on the solid rock of Christ, so that we may withstand the storms.

Some of the most beautiful stained glass churches of the world

From Paris to Brasilia, stained glass windows are one of the most beloved features of Catholic architecture

New York shrine incorporates architectural elements of Hagia Sophia

Architect Santiago Calatrava saw the Virgin Mary as model of both ancient church and Ground Zero house of worship.

Architectural gems in the U.S. were built by this Spanish immigrant

Rafael Guastavino Moreno couldn't find a seat in the tiny North Carolina church. So he built a church that could welcome all.

Some of the oldest Western Christian architecture is in Northern Spain

At a time when most of Spain was under Muslim rule, Christianity thrived in northern Spain.

What is the difference between a church and a cathedral?

A cathedral designates the place where a bishop resides, and a church is a more common term for buildings where Christian worship takes place.

The uncanny architecture of the Roman Pantheon

The construction of the oldest building in Rome is still a mystery to experts.

Royal Peculiars: A reminder of the British monarchy’s Catholic past

These chapels are best known as the sites of Britain's grandest marriage ceremonies.

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