Or collection of articles on the 2000-years-long tradition of Christian architecture, its adaptations from other architectural styles, and its many innovations based on beliefs, practices, and local traditions.

What is the difference between a church and a cathedral?

A cathedral designates the place where a bishop resides, and a church is a more common term for buildings where Christian worship takes place.

The uncanny architecture of the Roman Pantheon

The construction of the oldest building in Rome is still a mystery to experts.

Royal Peculiars: A reminder of the British monarchy’s Catholic past

These chapels are best known as the sites of Britain's grandest marriage ceremonies.

Ethiopia’s rock-hewn churches were once considered the “New Jerusalem”

The construction of these churches is believed to have been carried out with just hammers and chisels to carve doors, windows, floors, and walls out of solid rock.

Vietnam has its own Notre Dame, which serves six million Catholics

Built in 1880, the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon is a testament to the importance of Catholicism in Vietnam.

What is a crypt in a Catholic Church?

Crypts have a long history dating back to the early centuries of Christianity.

The great abbey of St. Augustine marked the rebirth of Christianity in England

It functioned as a Benedictine monastery from its foundation in 598 until the English Reformation.

Built by Coptic garbage collectors, the church of St. Simon is the largest in the Middle East

It's the result of the efforts of a sector of the Coptic Christian community in Egypt.

St. Martin’s Church of Canterbury is the oldest church in the entire English-speaking world

The story of this church is intimately related to the lives of St. Bertha, King Aethelbert, and Augustine of Canterbury.

The story of St. Peter-on-the-Wall, one of the oldest churches in England

Built by St. Cedd in the year 654, it was reconsecrated much later, in 1920.

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