Why have some Catholic leaders expressed ethical concerns about some coronavirus vaccine candidates?

Some are known to be produced using cell lines more or less remotely descended from cells taken from an aborted fetus.

St. Gianna’s son: “She is not only a saint because of her heroic deed”

Pierluigi remembers his mother, but also tells of how their relationship continues ...

Is it ethical to make us stay home like this?

The individual good needs the common good, and vice versa.

Chinese scientist who edited babies’ genes sentenced to prison

He Jiankui gets three years for "illegally carrying out human embryo gene-editing intended for reproduction."

Why is another child being denied treatment in the UK? Expert explains

Charlie, Alfie, and now Tafida. How is the law being interpreted, and what does the Church say?

3 Common questions in end-of-life care

Do proxies have to do anything requested? When is taking away food and water euthanasia? And pain medication?

Israeli scientists find way to engineer the sex of offspring in mammals

CRISPR technology can help farmers avoid having to kill off offspring of the wrong gender.

Gloria Steinem comes out against bill that would legalize paid surrogacy

Women in economic need would "become commercialized vessels for rent," feminist pioneer argues.

Gene-edited Chinese babies are at significant risk of premature death, study shows

A new study found that the changes in the babies’ DNA make them more vulnerable to certain viruses.

Should death by organ donation be allowed?

An intensive care unit doctor wrestles with the collision between the worlds of transplantation and euthanasia.

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