Catholic history

Asphyxiation: The main cause of death by crucifixion

A new study of the only known remains of a crucified man paints a different picture of the Roman execution method.

America’s oldest Catholic newspaper was born from need to defend freedom

Immigrant bishop standing up for Irish Catholic community in the South had similar experiences in his homeland.

First Englishman to offer Mass in America had colorful history

Fr. Andrew White offered thanksgiving liturgy upon arrival in Maryland on feast of the Annunciation.

Cappuccino was inspired by 16th-century Catholic friars 

The name of the popular coffee beverage is a reference to the brown robe and white belt of Capuchin friars.

The ancient, legendary story of the Chapel of the Nativity of Mary of Fort St. Angelo

The Maltese victory over an Ottoman invading expedition in 1565 providentially happened on the Feast of the Blessed Virgin’s Nativity.

Halloween customs born out of forgotten tradition of Pope Night

An anti-Catholic celebration in the tradition of Guy Fawkes Day followed the Pilgrims to New England.

Prayer book owned by Mary, the Catholic Queen of Scots, to be auctioned off

The illuminated Book of Hours is one of only 14 surviving manuscripts belonging to the Catholic queen before she was executed by order of her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.

Finding Faith: A Christian dragon tale told in stained glass

This 16th-century window features a story about St. John the Evangelist and a tiny dragon.

Unveiling the mystery of the “High Crosses of Ireland”

A new book sheds light on some of the most beloved Catholic artifacts of Ireland.

How the Catholic Church founded the world’s oldest hospitals, a tradition that continues today

St. Fabiola was responsible for establishing the first hospital in the Western Roman Empire, built in Rome around 400.

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