Catholic history

The amazing story of the rescue of the Madonna of Bruges by the Monuments Men

The only work by Michelangelo to have left Italy was stolen twice.

A tour of the Sanctuary of St. Ignatius of Loyola in Spain

The Baroque shrine was built in the 17th century in the birthplace of the founder of the Jesuit Order, in the Basque region of Spain.

Dominican seminarians reach a large audience teaching chant on YouTube

In less than a year they've produced over 100 video lessons, viewed nearly half a million times.

Artifacts discovered in England suggest Catholics’ once-secret worship

"Perfectly preserved" manuscripts found in midst of renovation at 15th-century Tudor manor house.

Missionaries went to China to spread the Gospel, and had an impact on science as well

The Jesuits became so well respected that they held top posts in Chinese society.

The Vatican once had a navy of its own

At one time, a sarcastic dictator might have asked, "How many warships does the pope have?"

‘Fatima’ film pre-releases in socially distanced drive-in theaters

With theaters closed, movie makers look for innovative ways to spread the word.

Rebuilding Notre Dame: We’ve been down this road before

The French Revolution turned the church into a Temple of Reason.

Here’s what early Christian families ate for dinner

Make your Sunday meal special with this recipe used by early Christians!

Asphyxiation: The main cause of death by crucifixion

A new study of the only known remains of a crucified man paints a different picture of the Roman execution method.

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