Pope gets an eco-friendly Popemobile

Toyota designed the vehicle to mark the pope's 2019 visit to Japan.

WWII veteran keeps a 73-year promise and the moving moment is caught on video

Marvin Strombo's gesture proved that he is a true war hero.

Nagasaki searches for boy from Pope Francis’ photo

The photo captures a young boy carrying his dead brother on his shoulders.

Four years after atomic bombing, a Mass took place in the ruins of Nagasaki

Pope Francis will visit Japanese port city. He has been preceded by a long line of witnesses.

The cross that withstood an atomic bomb returns to Nagasaki

Enduring symbol of faith returns to historic center of Japanese Catholicism.

Rent-a-family: A sad solution to Japanese loneliness

Family Romance is a company that employs actors to fill in for the vacant spots in the social and familial lives of lonely people.

Life of Japan’s “Hidden Christians” revealed in new documentary

Peter Barakan takes viewers on a tour of the places where the followers of Jesus kept the faith throughout centuries of persecution.

The 26 men and boys who died on a hill of crosses outside Nagasaki

There is no more eloquent proof of the truth of faith ...

Rare early Japanese Christian painting discovered in museum collection

The images were penned in a time when Christians were harshly persecuted in Japan.

Japanese students recreate the bombing of Hiroshima in virtual reality

The 5-minute virtual tour shows the city of Hiroshima before, during, and after the bomb dropped.

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